We do it all. We’re the label, the music, image and video production, publishing, licensing, marketing and distribution.

We can do this because we’ve brought together a team of diverse music business legends and housed them into one label with a single purpose: give music back to the musicians. Our artists have access to the world-class audio and sound stage production campus of the Studios at Fischer, tucked away in an oasis outside of Austin, Texas. There we build from the ground up. Starting with the art—and always keeping it genuine. The Lucky few.


From music to the imagery and video content to promote it, we have created the most cutting-edge facility of its kind. Our campus contains a world class suite of digital and analog studios, each curated with the recording and mixing equipment used by legends and mavericks alike. Our media studios offer the widest array of filming options imaginable. If you can imagine it, we can capture it. And all of these studios are within sight of each other. This is the place where artists can create, develop and distribute.


Lucky Hound’s team includes a diverse group of business minds and production experts, including licensing, publishing and distribution
partners based in LA, New York and Nashville. Our approach is that artists can sell, without selling out.