Our family or artists are as diverse as the world’s music audience.
Each with an authentic sound. Find your favorite among the Lucky ones.

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Tell the story.  Yours. Mine. Ours. With words that drip from your lips like honey, and melodies that linger in your ears for hours and days on end. Matthew Bell & the Next of Kin fits like a custom-made suit, or your favorite sneakers. Classy. Comfortable. Timeless. And one thing is for certain: you’ll feel more in one note than any hyperbolic metaphor could deliver.

Photo Credit Nicola Gell


Bewitching audiences with sumptuous harmonies and unforgettable songwriting, BettySoo, Grace Pettis and Rebecca Loebe are a charismatic force. They first met at the legendary Kerrville Folk Festival, each winners of the annual “New Folk” award. Luscious harmony singers, effortless instrumentalists, seasoned touring artists – they recognized what each can accomplish individually could be made all the stronger by collaboration.

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Autumn Walker is a 4-piece Alternative Rock band based in the Texas Hill Country. Performing throughout the Central Texas area and growing a loyal and diehard fan base, the band is well known for their energetic style, riveting sound and introspective lyrics.

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A formally trained piano virtuoso, Reuel’s fusion of modern pop, EDM and classical have made him a sought-after crossover artist around the globe.  His dramatic and passionate flair always leaves audiences wanting and returning for more!

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Nashville singer/songwriter Lani Nash can best be summed up by a fan who said, "In one evening at The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, Lani made me laugh, cry, and feel things I thought I had forgotten how to feel; It's as if she softly stole my heart right out of my chest.  She fine-tuned every string and gently placed it back, much lighter and more vibrant than I can ever recall it being.  She writes straight from her heart to yours!"

Photo Credit Valerie Fremin


An authentic, genre-crossing singer and songwriter incapable of repeating himself. His critically acclaimed work includes nine distinctive solo CDs, recorded duets with both Patty Griffin and Lucinda Williams, an epic reinterpretation of John Lennon’s “Working Class Hero,” and a soon-to-be released collaboration with Charlie Sexton.